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Randy Blackwell is the author of the Forgotten Portals series starting with Rise of the Magi which just came out at the end of 2012. Rise of the Magi is a Christian Fantasy Sci-fi Steampunk novel. It is available at (paperback and Kindle), Barnes and Noble in stores and online, and Books-a-million (online). An audio book is being made right now that will be available on Amazon, Audible, and iTunes. A screenplay has been written and is in the final stages of editing. Once the editing is done Randy is going to submit it to a Hollywood producer who has been waiting for a month to see it.

To the High Priest of Faithful Word Baptist Church

Steven Anderson Faithful Word Baptist Church disrespects widows, the elderly, and disqualifies himself as a pastor in one video. Steven Anderson In response to your YouTube: But woe unto you, Steven Anderson, hypocrite! for ye shut up the kingdom … Continue reading

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Let me predict what you will say…

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The Bible and Homosexuality… (response to Mark Sandlin Huffington Post)

I recently had someone send me an article with good intent. Here is the article by Mark Sandlin: —>We Christians are good at a lot of things. Helping others. Dressing up on Sunday. Quoting scripture. Pot luck meals. Taking … Continue reading

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The Problem with slavery in the Bible

“the bible tells you how to own slaves. period. you can’t whitewash that even though it’s an embarrassment!” The quote above is from a post on an atheist blog speaking out against Hobby Lobby and their win in court recently: … Continue reading

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Lamplight Media all books 99 cents for Juy 4th

Lamplight Media is trying to build a brand for making a video game with high quality graphics, intricate gameplay, and a compelling story. We have released 4 Christian Fantasy/scifi books under the Bridgeworlds label since 2012. Rise of the Magi … Continue reading

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Please join in on our week long $.99 Kindle sale of all Lamplight Media ebooks in celebration of Independence Day. From July 4th to July 11th you can get our novels & the RPG Book for $.99. I hope you … Continue reading

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Praise Report!

PRAISE REPORT: To those who are supporting my thunderclap campaign and to those who said “you cant do anything about it”…. With the help of my fans and friends I have done something about the fact that a 5 million … Continue reading

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